Munchies Pizza: The best pie in Orange County

Munchies Pizza is the best pie in Orange County, no question. The only way you could possibly make it any better is to enjoy a slice while shirtless. Which is exactly how I like to eat, especially when I’m at my favorite waffle house.

Every neighborhood needs a good local pizza shop. I’ll take this over ole Papa J any day. Sorry, that’s a horrible example. Papa J is probably the worst big chain pizza place there is.

I’m not being facetious; Papa dad is clearly drowning his company’s bad pizza by acting like a drunken mess in public. He’s like the culinary version of a blonde girl on spring break.

In the image above, notice the well-done crust and the puddles of grease forming at the top. Good enough to slurp. It doesn’t get any better.

Again, shirtless. All my best decisions are made with no clothes on.

You don’t need to leave the state—say, to Chicago or New York—to experience the transformative powers of a good za. The cheese, which is thick and melted to perfection, stays perfectly attached to every slice. Ain’t nothing worse than the whole top half of a slice sliding down onto your mom jeans.

Or maybe that’s a good thing. I can never decide if lap pizza is worth the trouble of stained laundry.

I go here once a week if I can help it; two if I really have a hankering, which is pretty much all the time. It doesn’t help that I can walk over to the joint in five minutes flat. But I justify my weekly visits by telling myself I’m getting in my exercise before consumption. Not that you need to justify eating here. If you ask me, there’s no good reason not to.

Between two hungry adults, a medium pepperoni will leave a few leftover slices, which taste pretty fantastic the next morning. I like to eat the leftover slices right out of the fridge without first heating them up. Only savages put pizza in the microwave.

If you’re visiting from out of town: get out. But before you do, make sure you slip into something a little more comfortable and saddle up to what I promise is the best pizza around. Better than that crap they sell down at Little Caesars.

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